Company's Background

Prince Engineering & Construction Co. is an Afghan owned construction firm registered with AISA. We started our business by the name of prince Logistics Company registered with AISA in logistics sector providing Life Support, Operations & Maintenance, and Construction Service. We completed many contracts as a prime contractor with the US Government in Afghanistan. Over the last six years, we have grown significantly in our business, making good revenue, building expert team and employed more than 2,500 locals in our contracts for improving their economy. We worked with US Army as a prime contractor by business name of prince Logistics Company for over five years. Prince Engineering & Construction Co. is a construction company established by ALC founders. We are working in Design, Pre-Construction and Construction sector for almost all facilities. We have large capital, built strong team comprising most experienced individuals in construction field. Our history is replete with examples of keeping quality at the head of all concerns, despite monetary challenges.