How We Work

Ouality Control At Prince Engineering & Construction Co., we believe in being proactive and forward thinking. The welfare of our clients is foremost in our minds.

Point of Contact

We emphasize a single source of responsibility from the project conception to completion. Each of our projects has a highly skilled project manager. This provides the client with full-time direct access to a single key decision maker responsible for monitoring costs, progress and provides continuity throughout the project.

Advanced Project Management Technology

We use industry-specific software programs for estimation, scheduling, information, safety and cost management. These systems are continuously updated throughout the project and provide real-time access for our team for cost estimates, cash flow, materials, schedules and subcontractors. Our company's streamlined operations allow us to expedite decision making, and to respond quickly to challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Safety & Continuing Education

Safety is one of our top priorities, and our commitment to safety can be seen at our job sites. We provide continuous safety training, evaluation and process improvement – all of which benefits not only our employees but our clients as well.